Blue Sphere Heat Trace


To install Delta-Therm Heat Trace at facility so their pipes don’t cool down, halting production.

Project Description:

Andrew, one of our Territory Managers, enhanced the productivity of an anaerobic digester by recommending heat trace to them so their pipes did not cool down, halting production.

So, what’s an anaerobic digester?  An anaerobic digester is a machine that takes food waste and converts it to methane and soil amendment. The methane is then used to power generators that create renewable energy.

Blue Sphere recently built an anaerobic digester in Johnston, RI.  Like the rest of New England, winter gets cold, which can create problems for pipes containing fluids.  If the pipes aiding in this process get too cold, the anaerobic digester will not function properly. That’s why the facility manager called Rossi Electric. They needed to find a way to heat the pipes before wintertime.  Rossi Electric then called Andrew, knowing Flynn & Reynolds had the expertise and represented Delta-Therm.

Andrew visited the facility to survey the pipes and learn more. “I went and met with the electrician and the Facilities Manager and did a walk-through. They gave me all the information, and let me know what they were trying to do. Knowing the various voltages, insulation values, length of pipes and where they were located which enabled me to design a solution,” said Andrew.

There was just one complication, when designing a system Andrew needed a piece of information that only the facility engineers would know … and they were in Italy.  He quickly coordinated a conference call, received the needed information and created a solution using his knowledge and experience in Delta-Therm process heating. Rossi Electric shared the proposal with the customer who commissioned the project.  They then went on to order everything they needed from their go-to distributor (a distributor that Flynn & Reynolds works with on a regular basis) and shortly thereafter had the heat trace installed.

Without providing the heat trace to the system, the pipes would have gotten too cold during the winter and production would have been halted, causing the facility to become unproductive and lose money.

Helping solve problems isn’t out of the ordinary for Andrew or Flynn & Reynolds.  Flynn & Reynolds’ territory managers solve customer’s problems daily. “When you are able to meet with customers and provide them a product that is going to take care of their situation, it’s incredibly rewarding. It makes you feel like you are delivering a solution that’s going to take care of a problem and in this case save them downtime” Andrew commented.


Johnston, Rhode Island