Delta-Therm is a leading manufacturer of snow melt, roof & gutter de-icing systems, pipe freeze, pipe heat as well as floor heating cable and floor heating mats.  With over 50 years servicing the industry, Delta-Therm can solve your heating problems.

Delta-Therm’s heat trace systems are found at leading food processing plants, hospitals, state & federal government facilities, military installations, manufacturers, aviation facilities, railroads, pulp/paper factories, churches, apartment buildings, office buildings, schools/universities, stadiums, and countless other locations.  You name the place, Delta-Therm can be found there!

Delta-Therm has a dedicated team delivering comprehensive heat trace solutions to commercial and industrial customers.  Delta-Therm experts excel in solving problems by delivering the best value through design, quality products and professional service.  Their system design and custom work is done in-house by Delta-Therm experts and is fully supported before, during and after installation – because this family-owned business knows that their reputation depends on doing things the right way!

Flynn & Reynolds proudly has a long-standing relationship with Delta-Therm and can offer our customers immediate product availability, as we warehouse Delta-Therm products at our warehouse in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

Product Offering:

  • Snow Melting
  • Roof & Gutter Deicing
  • Pipe Tracing
  • Permafrost Prevention
  • Load Switching Panels
  • Floor Heating Cable for Membrane
  • Floor Heating Cable with Mat