Marley – Berko

Marley Engineered Products is the premier electric heat manufacturer in Bennettsville, South Carolina.  Marley produces more electric heat than any other manufacturer in the United States.  Whether you want to heat a warehouse or the baby nursery, Marley has the right heat for your application.

Marley prides itself on its vertical manufacturing allowing them to respond quickly to market demands and at the same time, control cost.  Marley truly covers all aspects of electric heat, with a full complement of industrial and explosion proof product to commercial unit heaters, wall heaters and infrared.

Marley’s products are highly revolutionary – with electric heaters designed to save energy through efficiencies created by computer control to commercial baseboard that allow seamless installation around the perimeter of a room.  This includes mitered corners and beveled angles.

Marley’s residential offering is second to none, with computer-controlled heaters to oil filled baseboards.  Their residential portfolio can satisfy any residential need.