Electric heating thermostats

Sinopé offers you the widest range of thermostats for electric heating.

A complete line of thermostats for electric heating

We’re the pros of electric heating. No wonder we offer such a wide variety of devices compatible with baseboards, convectors, fan-forced convectors and ceiling heating. For double-pole, 2, 3 or 4 wires installations, connected or not: we have it all.

Line voltage thermostats

Smart thermostats that help you save every step of the way

The best thing since the invention of heating

The days are over where you had to get up – or even be at home! – to set the right temperature. With Sinopé smart thermostats, your home is suddenly smarter.

Comfort, over and over again

Who knew such a small object could have such a big impact on our well-being. With Sinopé thermostats, everything’s been thought of for comfort. From the use of a triac that ensures the best temperature precision possible to the product display that features the outdoor temp. We keep you from putting your nose out in the cold. One could say that we thought about everything.