Minerallac Company

Not many companies can say they have been in the electrical industry since Thomas Edison was alive, but Minerallac can.  In fact, its highly likely that Edison used some of Minerallac’s original products.  Since 1894 Minerallac has been manufacturing electrical products and today many brands of conduit hangers are called “Minnies” after the strap that Minerallac invented and continues to make today.

In addition, today’s Minerallac offering is the industry’s most comprehensive line of fasteners, hardware, and miscellaneous electrical items.  Knowing that as important as these items are, they are only a small portion of their distributors’ business so Minerallac focuses on not only being the most comprehensive offering, but also on being the easiest to do business with.  Minerallac’s “Advantage” program focuses on providing the highest fill rates, the lowest number of invoices, and the most accurate shipping.  Combined with quality products and programs Minerallac provides customers with the highest GMROI possible.