LED Lighting Brightens up Wastewater Treatment Facility’s Interior


The need for brighter lighting in a Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project Description:

Rick Schaller was presented with an opportunity to replace some existing HID high bays at a Wastewater Treatment Facility.  The problem they were experiencing was the foot candle level was very low.  Rick worked with the contractor and supplied an initial trial – demo fixture to show the town what they would gain.  Approval for this project was quick once they saw the demo fixture installed.  Rick brought the PO issued by the town to the distributor and the order was placed.

The facility was completely re-lighted with the ETi Round High Bay fixtures.  The town of New Canaan was very happy with the light level improvement and the other town departments have asked for some of the same, once they saw this facility project completed.


New Canaan, CT