Allied Moulded Products Outlet Boxes Pass Firecode Inspection

Allied Moulded Products Outlet Boxes Pass Firecode Inspection


Save Time and Money on Outlet Box Installation

Project Description:

Have you ever used putty pads? You know the sticky gooey pads you have to apply to an outlet in an apartment building so fire doesn’t spread from one unit to another?

If you haven’t, congratulations and hopefully you won’t need to experience them. They are no fun and they are not easy to install. They take a lot of time to install and increase the cost of a project.

Rather than putty pads, save time and money by using an Allied Moulded outlet box.

That is what Nardone Electric learned one day when talking to Greg Reynolds, President of Flynn & Reynolds. “I happened to ask him do you do any jobs like this, and he says: ‘yea where have you been all my life?’” Greg said, explaining the conversation that took place.

Greg then went on to explain how Allied Moulded makes an outlet box that can withstand fire without a putty pad. This is because it is made of fiberglass and limestone materials that are very hard to burn through. The Allied box is also less expensive than the putty pad. “The putty pads can cost as much as four or five dollars each. One of Allied Moulded’s outlet boxes can cost as little as $0.50 a piece,” said Greg.

After this conversation, Nardone Electric made the switch to Allied Moulded boxes instead of putty pads. Greg connected Nardone with a large Allied distributor.  “What we did was save the contractor a lot of money and time on his future jobs, by giving the contractor this ability to meet a requirement for a two-hour fire wall rating in a condominium,” Greg explained.

Greg provided a superior way to meet a requirement, using one of our supplier’s products. That is what Flynn & Reynolds is about: providing solutions to contractors, generating opportunities for distributors and our manufacturers. If something isn’t easy to install or just too expensive, give us a call.  We may have a better solution for you!


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