LED Street Lights Save Big at Condo Association


Lowering Energy Consumption

Project Description:

One day, Greg Reynolds, President of Flynn & Reynolds, was asked by a condo association about the best way to lessen their energy consumption. Greg was familiar with the condo association and the answer popped into his head right away.

He suggested that they switch their regular old metal halide street lights to LED’s. The street lights they were using consumed a substantial amount of energy. In fact, he found out that the lamps were using 250 watts of power each and there were 70 street lamps! A total of 17,500 watts!

When he told the condo association that he could provide them a product that offered superior lighting AND only used 50 watts instead of 250 and would only use 3,500 watts for a saving of 14,000 watts, they were sold. Greg didn’t even get to tell them about how the quality of light would be better, and they would last longer too, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Flynn & Reynolds sent some samples. “What we did was replace them with a LED equivalent which actually gave them better light, because it was a true white light. So, when you saw a yellow car it looked yellow. It doesn’t look green, which happens with the other type of light bulb,” explained Greg.

When the Condo association saw the superior effect the LED lamps have and found out that they wouldn’t have to be replaced as often, along with knowing that they would be saving $6,000 annually in energy costs they couldn’t have been happier.


New Hampshire