Last Minute Manufacturing Change


Getting a customized product for our customer in a RUSH!

Project Description:

When things get complicated, Flynn & Reynolds straightens it out. Our goal is to help people. We love solving problems. That’s why we work hard to make things easier for you.

Recently one of our distributors called and asked for help with a Berko request he received from a customer. We got on the phone with the factory to make sure the product was correct for our customer’s application. We even helped the distributor by negotiating an additional 8% off of their previously negotiated price.

After that, the distributor delivered the bid back to the customer and changes were made to the plan. The architect decided that the color of the material should be different. This change needed to be addressed. Everything had already gone through so the manufacturer had already scheduled the manufacturing of the material in the originally quoted color as the project had previously been approved (you know architects!). Laurie, one of our inside sales representatives, reached out to Berko and used her relationships to ensure that the changed color was produced.

“We had to get the material in the right color that they wanted quickly. With the help of the office, with Laurie especially. She was able to get them to move that a long,” said the distributor’s salesperson.

It could have been a disaster. The material could have showed up in the wrong color. “Even though we had challenges, you guys were able to make the process smoother. We greatly appreciated the help in ensuring the right product was being quoted.  The customer service we received to make sure the correct product was delivered, was outstanding.  Changes always occur on job sites or on projects where architects are looking for a specific color.  I like working with Flynn & Reynolds as they always respond and help us out” said the distributor salesperson.

Flynn & Reynolds made the job run smoothly because that’s what they do – they make things easier and ensure that we get the right product – they’re always there to help when we need them.


New England