Unique Lug Saves Time and Increased Performance


Modification of a flex conductor lug

Project Description:

We worked with Eastern Industrial Automation and met with an engineer at Flex Energy in New Hampshire.  They required a flex conductor lug that needed to be modified to fit the equipment they were making.  The engineer provided us detailed drawings and descriptions and asked Greaves to modify their L222NFX.

Flynn & Reynolds met with the engineers and obtained the specification of the lug and delivered it to the engineers at Greaves to create a unique lug for this application.  Once Greaves designed the product to Flex Energy specifications, we developed a pricing strategy based on volume to assist Eastern Industrial in supplying Flex with the part they needed.

Flex Energy had previously been stuck utilizing another lug that wasn’t designed for the application and it hindered the performance of their machinery.  By developing the flex conductor to the exact specification of the engineer, Greaves and Flynn & Reynolds were able to provide a time saving solution that also increased the performance of the equipment.


New Hampshire