New LED Lighting Illuminates Auto Repair Shop

New LED Lighting Illuminates Auto Repair Shop


Providing better light for workspace in an auto repair shop

Project Description:

One dim day at a car repair shop, the owner decided he had had enough of the darkness surrounding his workspace. So, he called in a local electrical contractor and asked how he could get better light.

That’s where we came in, Mike Meyer, one of Territory Managers was called because this contractor knew that Mike could brighten even the dimmest of rooms up, having worked with Mike on other lighting projects.

Mike visited the shop and conducted a walk-through to assess the situation. He found that half of the lights in this car repair shop were out, and that their current HID lights were wasting a lot of power and money for the owner.

He researched a solution to increase the light levels as well as energy efficient. He gathered some samples and literature to share with the contractor and the shop owner. These fixtures could be plugged in and hung temporarily. With the help of the contractor the owner hung the lights in the specific spots he wanted and was able to see the difference in real time.

The owner saw that the LED’s provided more light than his old HID lamps. “I was able to give the owner more light than he previously had with less wattage. I then showed him how much money I could save him on his electric bill, while delivering the light levels he wanted,” explained Mike.

The owner approved the project and Mike connected the contractor with one of our preferred distributors.  Within a couple of days, the installation was complete!  The owner saved money and got better lighting, the contractor received help and earned a new project and the distributor received an order that Flynn & Reynolds helped generate for them.

A few months later the car repair owner built a showroom for new limousines and hearses.  Remembering the excellent service, he had received on the project for his repair shop, the owner called Mike and asked him to provide lights for his new showroom.

Mike contacted the contractor and together visited the showroom. He started a lighting layout for the showroom. “We went there and took measurements. I had to do a sketch to include where cars were going to be. Cars were also going to be displayed on stands so they were going to be above the ground above another car,” he explained.  There also were concerns with how the lighting should be installed as there was a large fan in the middle of the room. If the light shined on the fan too much, it would cause a strobe light effect.

The owner of the shop wanted to present a “wow factor” to customers entering the showroom. By carefully placing the lights, Mike was successful in showing off the sparkle and shine of each and every car!  Two projects for the contractor. Two orders for the distributor. One happy customer.