American Conduit

As the leading producer of rigid aluminum conduit and aluminum EMT, American Conduit has proudly produced their American-made aluminum conduit and EMT at Hydro’s extrusion facility in St. Augustine, Florida for over 35 years.

At only a third of the weight as steel, American Conduit manufacturers aluminum EMT & Rigid conduit.  Aluminum alloys exhibits the same strength.  Ultimately this translates into making the installation easier, safer and less time consuming, therefore saving time and money.  The lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant aluminum used to produce American Conduit makes it an ideal choice for your next conduit application need.

100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, aluminum is one of the most plentiful metals on earth.  As reduced energy consumption becomes increasingly more important, the demand and usage of aluminum continues to rise making aluminum the best option for the continued preservation of our planet.

Additional advantages to using American Conduit products are their ease of installation and transportation to the job site

American Conduit’s commitment to each customer’s success is measured by their ability to create exceptional value while providing innovative aluminum product and service solutions.  Producing their products to exacting standards ensures long lasting, maintenance free product that is safe, easy to install AND provides a clean attractive appearance.

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Ask us if aluminum conduit or aluminum EMT can be used on your next project to replace steel.  Save costs, save freight costs, safe time … and much safer.