Rick Schaller, Territory Manager

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Rick Schaller joined the Flynn & Reynolds Team in early 2013 as a Territory Manager. His experience includes management positions in distribution, manufacturing and retail as well as establishing a manufacturers rep firm that attracted major electrical manufacturers. Well-known throughout the Connecticut and Western Massachusetts region, his 30 plus years of experience has proven to be a great asset to our company.
His experience with major players in the different aspects of the industry brings a diverse view of the sales process. Broad product knowledge, along with these management positions and the understanding of the needs of all parties in the sales process, created a strong base that brings positive growth for all involved. With experience from all sides of the electrical sales environment, he knows how to establish relationships with everyone in the sales process that then drives sales growth long term.

Rick lives in central Connecticut with his wife Cindy, close to his two sons. His large time spent in the industry is offset while he is on his road bike, keeping up with the young guys and showing them what can be done with focus and work. He is thankful for all the good people and friendships that have been built in the business and continues to look for more of those to build the base for long term relationships and sales into the future.