Snow Melting Driveway Eliminates Cost of Plowing

Snow Melting Driveway Eliminates Cost of Plowing


Making a long driveway snow free and safe!

Project Description:

Before installing snow melting it cost a local homeowner $500 dollars per storm to clear their driveway of snow. Yes, it was a long driveway!  It was getting dangerous too. During one storm the driveway was so bad it caused a plow truck to lose a tire and roll down the hill.  The homeowner, tired of the continual costs and the ongoing risks, reached out to Rogers Electric after hearing about snow melting systems for driveways.

Dan from Roger Electric contacted Rick Schaller based upon their ongoing association.  Roger involved Rick because he trusted Flynn & Reynolds. “He knew that when he turned it over to us he was going to get a proper job and any questions would be answered. He also knew we had the product expertise and that if there was any kind of issue we would be open and honest with him,” said Rick.

Flynn & Reynolds did just what Dan expected.  Rick started off by meeting with Dan in the early stages of the project. They discussed the job based on a rough drawing of the driveway and, with Rick’s expertise, developed an estimate. Once the quote was brought to the customer, it was time to actually go see the driveway. Rick, a foreman from Roger Electric, and the paver all met at the house; where they got down to business and discussed the details of the project. “We answered everyone’s questions in a couple meetings, from how do I wire this up to the paving guy’s questions of what do I have to do special etc. for install,” explained Rick. Rick described the installation process; some edits were made to the original plan and an updated quote was provided to the customer.

The customer was a little nervous about going through with the project after they learned how much they would have to spend to get it all done. Having learned that the customer was having doubts, Rick explained the savings and benefits of heating the driveway instead of plowing it and the potential for a quick payback.  Once the customer heard that, he gave the go ahead for Rick to contact the local distributor to place the product order.

The job then got started, and once it was complete Rick went back to clear up some homeowner concerns.  The fact that Flynn & Reynolds was involved from beginning to end and helped the contractor in the sales process and with post-install customer service was the key to success. Rick provided knowledge to the electrician and paver about the product and cleared up concerns the homeowner had.

Now the homeowner only has to pay the electrical cost for running the system during a snow storm, which is a fraction of the cost to plow.  Additionally, there are no longer worries about anyone getting hurt. This is all thanks to Rick Schaller from Flynn & Reynolds, who helped the homeowner fix their driveway by adding heat.  Pre and post support is why Roger Electric keeps going back to Flynn & Reynolds for advice and supports Flynn & Reynolds’ suppliers.