Maine Snow Melt


Provide Driveway & Walkway Snow Melt

Project Description:

Look outside the window. There are a million little snowflakes flying about. It’s a winter wonderland out there! It is just starting to snow, but it is coming down so hard all you can see is white. You start wondering when a good time would be to take a first pass at shoveling.

This is exactly what an elderly couple in Maine did not want to deal with. They were getting older and did not want to worry anymore about snow removal or slipping on the ice. That’s why, when they decided to build a new house in Maine, they decided to heat their walkways and driveways. This way they would not have to worry about depending on someone to take care of their snow removal.

Their electrical contractor reached out to Flynn & Reynolds to recommend a heating solution.  Andrew, one of our Territory Managers, recommended a driveway heating solution and was able to educate the contractor on the installation process and then coordinated the job between the distributor, factory, inside sales at Flynn & Reynolds and the contractor.

Andrew first met with the contractor and electrician on the job site to get a sense of what was needed. He measured the areas being heated to request a layout from the factory. “We went out there and consulted with their measurements, utilized the tape measure, took our own measurements, and then took those back to the manufacturer and got a designed layout with the measurements for the job,” explained Andrew.

After going onsite, Andrew worked with the inside sales staff, and the factory to get an installation layout for the electrician. The driveway and walkways were very large and required different sized matts, so it took a few days of communication between everyone to generate the best layout.

When the layout was finalized Andrew brought it to the contractor. The contractor realized he needed longer cold leads to make the installation easier. Flynn & Reynolds again communicated with the factory and got updated the layout.  Once the final layout was decided upon, Andrew worked with the local distributor to place the order for the product so that it would be available on time to start the project.

When the installation finally commenced Andrew provided additional advice on how to install the mats. “The customer felt comfortable utilizing these products based on other applications, but they weren’t totally sure how to get the mats to fit for this job,” said Andrew. Andrew explained how to bend and shape the product to fit in a specific area.  He also “had to…explain to the contractor that they were going to need to have sufficient amperage on site to handle the snow melt.”

Thanks to all of Andrew’s coordination and advice, the project went smoothly. There is no more snow to worry about on the driveway or walkways.